Tuesday, 15 January 2013

dua je pun !


So lately im kinda busy with my homeworks, tuition, class ETC that i cant be able to write an entry about my new year life . I know im kinda late to wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR wish, im sorry . btw HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! 

So what does it means by 'dua je pun' ? dua boyfriend ? dua what ? *curious* HAHAHAHA. nothing should be worry laaa sayang-,- just want to let you know more about solat Subuh:)

Why do people get lazy to wake up in the morning to solat Subuh ? yes i admit it that i do had a problem with it too before where my eyes can't even open and i continue my sleep . but since that one person appear in my life, i have try to improve myself . and now , my eyes seems okay with it and i wake up easily in the morning for dawn prayer . we should think about it in a positive site , alright ? LOOK! we have 5 solat eveyday . three of them got 4 rakaat, one of them got 3 rakaat, and subuh got 2 rakaat only ! it doent take a long time for us to prayer . so, try it ! believe me ! it will bring goods , insyaAllah :)

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